Images in sqlite


My application is going rather well but now I need the following.
I want to show images stored in sqlite and also be able to store them there.
I know how to retrieve text but I do not how to handle blobs.

In the app I can use the camera to take pictures and I also like to show pictures in then android gallery viewer. If I use the built-in I need to load the images before and that’s not what I want to do.
I want to be able to show images on the cell phone and then select the I need to store in the database and to show on the screen.

Ok, I found how to start the gallery app (see attachment) but how to return a picture from it and how to catch in activitystarter.afteractivity?


You’ll need to store the image path, not the actual image


You could also do a base64 conversion of the image so you can store it as a string.

Cloudinary and Firebase Storage are options to store your media assets, for you as well.


Ok that is a possible solution.
But I want to export may database and work with on the pc through ODBC.
WIth this solution I will not store my image as blob and I will have problems accessing it from somewhere else.

The image picker

With these blocks I can open the galleryviewer to pick an image but the activitystarter.afterpick gets an empty result.
How to resolve this?

When using the camera I can get the picture taken but it is always rotated 90° to the left, any way around this?


There is a builtin component. Is there a reason you are not using it?



The galleryviewer shows the images given to it in its picturelist.
It does not show all pictures on the phone, so no I cannot use it.


Have a look at the blocks here. They use a PICK option. Does this help?


Well on the page they say it has problems with Android Pie and I am running Pie.
The first time I use this I get the error 601 no corresponding activity was found.

If I use

And look after the pick to ActivityStarter.ResultURI I get the path to the image.

If I than use the first method it does work.
Anyway I now have a way to select them without copying.


I’m trying now with a base64 string.
I can store the data but how to retrieve it.
When I do a select I get a list back surrounded by [()].
I can do a replacetext to remove [, ], ( and ) but I’m not sure if other occurrences af these characters are in the base64 string.
Anyway when I strip them the image is showing nothing.
Can anybody help ?


No the base64 will NOT have any special characters. Once you get the string you need to decode it. That will then convert it to an image.


Ok, I’ll try again.
But what about saving an image as an image and not as text?
Storing the image as text doubles the size.
If I have to stick to base64 encoding is there a decoder to use under windows?
I want to export/import the database and use it in Access through and ODBC link


I’m using activitystarter for calling the galleryviewer to get content.
I’m using the resulturi to give to the image picture path.
The image shows ok but when I try to use base64 encoding this fails complaining about a null object.
If I inspect the picture path I get
this is a non-existing path but the image shows ok.

How to get the correct path from galleryviewer GET_CONTENT?


you might want to use the GetFilename method from the file extension


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