Image uploading in webviewer


hello i have a button to upload images in a website…

webviewer is set to that url…

when i click on the the app it is not asking the permission to access the gallary to upload the images…

the same url i opened in chrome browser,it asked for permission and then successfully uploaded the selected image…

how to solve this problem,


Did you fail or success to upload using webviewer? Have you add Camera component? (Camera component will add permission to read photos/pictures)


Nothing is Happening When i click on the button to upload the images … i have also ticked the “Allowcamera” option in the webviewer properties

i am trying to post an ad to this classified site…

login email :
password : ganesh1

after logging in…

try to upload the images when this site is in a webviewer…

i hope you got clear idea about the issue…



i have facing same issue with my developed a browser app i am unable to upload any file on targeted site like facebook,twitter and others i have no idea how to solve this issue. please solve this issue.


Same problem here. Added camera component, checked allowCamera, but nothing happends when I press the upload button of my web



I’ll check into it. If Canberra is enabled, it should show the :camera: icon for selecting pictures


Any new about this Hossein? Could you test it?