Image Print Extension



Image Print Extension

From now on, you can finally print something (images) with this extension.



Be sure to always check, whether user's device supports image printing with SystemSupportsPrint function. Sometimes, user has phone with older OS than Android KitKat 4.4 & sometimes, device just doesn't have a capability of printing something. Plus, don't be scared, extension won't crash if image, that user is trying to print, is not existing.


ImagePrint.aix (1.6 MB)

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@Ben you can add check for device api.

Great job though :+1:


There is check function already, SystemSupportsPrint. Function checks whether device has OK api level & does it support image printing.


I never used any printing, so I’m not sure if I’m asking something stupid here, but does your extension recognizes if Cloud Print is available?


Extension actually opens a service, that can do such thing. For example Google Cloud Print or Samsung Printing Service & etc. As it is not possible directly print something, I would have to have my own printer brand then :smiley: & also, I would have to make an app for everyone to download, so they can use my printers…


@Ben this is pretty cool :sunglasses:
Thanks for your extension


Make sure, to share apps here (in which you have used this extension)!


This is a great function! Really thank you Ben


Thank you :wink: :smile:


Hi, @Ben, interesting extension… So, do i need use this with a bluetooth printer?


This doesn’t connect to printer by itself. Most of Android phones have Google Cloud Print, which may help you to achieve what you want.


Hey Ben, how about an extension that prints an arrangement? Is that possible? May be generating internally an image of the arrangement and then using this same extension to print it.
Somehow it can be done by getting a screenshot, but it will not work if the arrangement is bigger than the screen, like a long form or text.


The only way, I can think of is using Taifun Screenshot extension or Saving Canvas & then printing it. I am using official Android Support v4 library, which offers only a way to print images.


The camera component also includes blocks for screenshot


I am trying a lot to use this extentikn but its shows error as also i upload it into blank project.

Help me.
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It would be great if you could post relevant picture of blocks and an image of the error.


hello, someone can tell me where to find info on the parameters to be included in
ImagePrint1.ScaleMode, ImagePrint1.ScaleOrientation and ImagePrint1.ColorMode? what kind of arguments do you accept?
thanks a lot