Illegally selling extensions


We just banned a user because he wants to sell extensions illegally. He pm-ed a lot of users. We will be very clear. If you try to do illegal things on the forum and we find out you will get banned forever from the forum and you will loose your developer account.

This is a warning for everyone who thinks he/she can get stuff cheap or for free.

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Wel i can’t understand your point can you please explain in a bit more details? Is he trying to ask different users whether he or she is interested to buy his extension or something else. Sorry but just curious!


He is talking about illegal seller and also everyone should be aware of when buying any kind of extension for cheap price…okay


Illegally means he is selling extensions from other developers.


I think if he is doing some thing like this in his or her personal space i mean people you know by face or as fb friends thats his and extension developer concern but if he is doing it in this community i think he must be told strictly ( final warning ) and being blocked after any further bad conduct or such incident.


Users should know what its the right thing to do. If they choose to do something illegal they will face the consequences of that. This topic is not about how mods and developers should handle such cases. It is to inform users that they should behave when using this community.


We all have full time jobs and Volunteer here in our free time.
Every time someone does something they aren’t supposed to be doing, it eats up time.
Time that could be better spent on helping other users who deserve help.

Fortunately I am an extension developer as well as a Moderator in this Community.
I know how much time goes into creating extensions.
Just like most Extension Developers, most of my extensions are Free to everyone and anyone.
But some of my extensions took a long period of time to develop and I ask a small fee for them.

In my opinion Extension Developers are vital to this and all other Appinventor communities.
Thieves who try to make money from someone else’s hard work are not!


I have already done this before, I have created 1 whats group. Where many extensions developer is join. At that time we share the identity of the suspected extensions seller with each other,Any Extensions developer who wants to join the group. Please send me the message and get a link to that group.

I was troubled by this because I had also posted a post


Is there no solution to make shared extension unuseful. like the extension get and key and needsinternet connection to work or so.


I sell extensions for free… MY OWN OF COURSE, I don’t steal and sell.


And were you guys informed before this, that someone had been illegally seeing and selling extensions… You didn’t do nothing about it until this point now on most Communities?


There are steps that can be taken to reduce the ability to share them.
However, this won’t stop the worst offenders because they can decompile the code and disable any security measures taken.


This isn’t the first time this has happened recently, so this topic was Created and Pinned to let the community know that this type of behavior can and will have permanent consequences.


You don’t know that. There is a lot of work done on the background. There is always a number of users every week that get banned for behaviour against the guidelines. Be happy you don’t see all of that. :sunglasses:

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