I want to offer $25 to solve my problem [ Please ]


I have an app created using appybuilder. It is live in playstore.
Suddenly Admob stopped ad serving as they said ad placement is not in right position . I cannot update the app since appybuilder is closed. I tried migrating it to Kodular. kodular crashed :frowning_face::rofl:
Can anyone update my app to API28 and change the ad position so that I can update it to playstore. I can offer $25 as a help token.
Please, It is very Urgent.


Why don’t you use offline version


Ads showing in offline ? is it API28 ready ?


I have tried offline . The API is showing API26 . Is there any problem with my laptop ? what is the solve Boban Sir ?


Did you download the latest one, since my offline is api28


I’m not using ads so I can’t say if it works or not


I have downloaded it from here

Let me start again . It is still showing API26


I also use offline version and it supports api 28



Does AdMob ads show properly ?


Sorry I do not use ads, so I can not say if they work properly


I have tried offline and build apk properly with API28 but ads are not showing. Can anyone tell me if ads are showed in any of their apps [ created offline] ? I might be doing something terribly wrong :frowning:


It will not show until you request for review again from policy center since it’s a matter of policy violation. Just be sure you position your ad correctly and update your app. Then request for review. If your update is approved, it will start showing again. The offline version works well with ads.


@Kona_Dey_Chakraborty I can try it out in kodular, but I need some time(at least 1 day).


Thank You :+1::+1::+1:


Thank You everyone for helping me in this topic . I used appybuilder offline . It worked perfectly. My updated app is approved by google and it is now live. I am very much thankful to Appybuilder team for making things so good for armatures like us.
LONG LIVE APPYBUILDER :pray::pray::pray::pray:


doesn’t work if you have a version of the application that was made in the online version with an ad and you decide to compile from the offline version the ad stops showing, tragic but true


perfectly with ads showing?


As I already said

Neither do I care if not

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