I want 2 Component To see appybuilder as superbuilder


@AppyBuilder Can You implement 2 component In any builderFor Making super builder
2.Button Navigation

If Anyone can provide me .jar of littie Then I will Make Lottie Component For appybuilder…
But I Am not so knowledged of Button Navigation…
If @AppyBuilder Can make those 2component Available Then We very thankful…but if anyone provide me.jar of lottie then i make lottie component available tomorow for appybuilder :blush:

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What is Button Navigation?


May This Help you


Ah Bottom Navigation NOT Button Navigation :slight_smile:

I believe you don’t need any extra jars for this; its all available in current AppyBuilder infrastructure. Maybe someone could volunteer to add it:


I Am talking about lottie.jar not androidsupport and Am not so perfect to make buttom navigation.But i can make lottie if i get jar upto tomorow you will get lottie component


Try taking .aar file from below. Then extract. Then take classes.jar and rename to lottie-1.5.2.jar