I wanna do this...How can I?



I want to to extract specific sentences those have special letter before and after.

EX. #He is a good boy@

Ex. The list of sentences are -> I know him #He is a good Boy@ Good to see you #Nice dress@ No one is perfect I am going back #Do you know him@

I want to extract specific sentences from this list with special sign before and after (# @)

So how can I do that?


It you’re not talking about a ton of text you could split the text at # and again at @.


That is the issue. For a single sentence, it’s easy to do with that method but I have to extract many sentences. So do you have any solution @Ken


Use split at #:

It will create a list then use for loop and split at @


Okay… Let me try…


Hey ken, The at(list) option is not accepting the # I mean the text box.


I updated my previous post.

Use regular split, I don’t know what I was thinking!


Okay…Going for that one now


Are you referring to this one :point_down:


Please clarify the line…I have used this block but it is giving me the only last sentence of the list.


Yes, now split item at @ and do what you want with the results.


This is happening…


Your only getting the last item in the loop because you aren’t storing each result.
In loop
You are using String = Result
You should use String = String & Result



I am using these blocks…



= This:


the most simple way is to use REGEX extension.
my extension here http://www.kevinkun.cn/regex.html
and the block like %7B9F1O%25YM0T%25S%24OO6N12PFXU


The page u referred is in Chinese so can you please explain a little bit more. Mainly about the pattern of the pattern.


given a string:
<div>first para<p>this is 2nd para</p>another para<div>
now we want to get string between <p> and </p> ,use the pattern
you will get
<p>this is 2nd para</p>

if you want to NOT include <p> and </p> in the result, use pattern


Okay…got it…Thanks


It works like a charm…:+1:


mark it as a solution if it helps :grinning: