I used youtube extension in thunkable and appybuilder


After used youtube extension; when app is open: gave message: unfurtunetly app is stopped. Plz help me. Innovative app maker - play store!


Does you open your app live or installed in your mobile ?


@Anjali_Aasu what is the purpose of the image? Is not providing any information.


  1. Contact developer
  2. Use logcat


Yes; download but give message: unfortunately app is stopped. When page 2 is opening. I put youtube extension in page/ screen 2


can you share your block snap ?


Ok just a minute. I will take snap.



screen A block please




Plz help me.


are you using thunkable aia in appybuilder ?


No; first is appybuilder and send is thunkable. Both plate form is not working at mobile but working at loptop.


can you share your aia ?


Sure. Tomorrow. I have radio ip and port ; how to make radio app in appybuilder? give tips me !


Hello @Anjali_Aasu,

If you are facing problems with extension You can embed YouTube without any extension.
Check this post.


Yes. You are great. But at last shown all video. How to show same video repeat sign in center of video? please share with me if you have any idea.


Can you send me images what you wants?
Kya tum photo send kar sakti ho?
Agar tumne kahi par dekha hai to?


I want to see here same video and reply button is in center. But

innovative app maker - play store


You are embedding video from YouTube, and the layout is designed by YouTube.
So i think it’s not possible to place reply button in centre.


Hi Nick,

When we embed youtube video. its blocked by play store. what to do ?