I try to open Appybuilder but I can't



These days I have been using the offline version of Appybuilder, opening it from the script startFrontend.sh and everything was going well. But when trying to create the .apk file with startBackend.sh:

bash startBackend.sh
Starting AppyBuilder BuildServer…
Error: no se ha encontrado o cargado la clase principal com.google.appinventor.buildserver.BuildServer

I try to open also with:

“Starting AppInventor…”
Unable to find the webapp directory GUIServer
Usage: [options]

–help, -h Show this help message and exit.
–sdk_root=DIR Overrides where the SDK is located.
–server=SERVER The server to use to determine the latest
-s SERVER SDK version.
–address=ADDRESS The address of the interface on the local machine
-a ADDRESS to bind to (or for all interfaces).
–port=PORT The port number to bind to on the local machine.
–disable_update_check Disable the check for newer SDK versions.
–generated_dir=DIR Set the directory where generated files are created.
–default_gcs_bucket=NAME Set the default Google Cloud Storage bucket name.
–jvm_flag=FLAG Pass FLAG as a JVM argument. May be repeated to
supply multiple flags.

I don’t know how to do it, or what I’m doing wrong, also I have cloned the repository again and jdk 8 has the path.


For some reason if I put the full address in the console:
$ bash D:\AppyB\AppyBuilderPersonal\startBackend.sh
bash: D:AppyBAppyBuilderPersonalstartBackend.sh: No such file or directory
The solution is to navigate with the console to D:\AppyB\AppyBuilderPersonal\ and start startBackend.sh
Dock the address as a file, so it doesn’t find the directory.
I hope I have expressed my best in English.