I think there is a bug with the Marquee Enables


Hello Community
I have a Label with Marquee and it works fine if the text is larger as the Display.
But it works only if i click at first at the Element and swipe it left or right. Then the Text will run from right to the left and will be visible.
I have a Block with Marquee Enabled if the screen initialize.
But when the screen open you dont see the Label but when you swipe it a bit the text will be visible and al is ok.
But if you dont swipe the Marquee Label at the Position where it is you will not see the text.

Whats going wrong.
Did i something wrong.
As i Told i have a text larger as my Screen and i put the Block Marquee enabled to tre at the Screen initialize Block.

For Remember.
All works if you swipe at first the marquee label or you will not see the text.
Hope for Help


Could you make an aia as small as possible that shows the behaviour and post it here?


I have more than 2000 blocks in my projekt where i want that option.
I have the Image in a vertical scroll Arrangement.
My aia file is a bit big.


Peter was asking you to create a new example project that displays the issue.


i will do it. thanks


My suggestion would be to create a new topic for each of your issues with more details/screenshots.


The Font Size cannot be no smaller than ā€œ23ā€ for it to work correctly on a 5.7 screen/display size. I would test the size according to the device screen size if that makes sense. I have as little as 8 months into AppyBuilder, MIT, and Thunkable. So, Iā€™m still learning.

I manage to find the answers I need in other countries or languages. The blocks are the same though. See Youtube video here: https://youtu.be/Q-iF_RGLBzY


thanks man problem solved. i know the videos from hindi thx man