I present my app "chat"


This is the screen “Home”, to enter this screen we must previously create a user which is unique and ireepetible for each user. It has the following functions:
add a user, see our added users and “publications” where all users can post what they want.

Here you can see the screen “publications”

In this screen you can see all your contacts added and by selecting one of them you can enter the screen Chat where you can start talking.

This is the screen chat, here you can talk in real time, see if the user is connected, the last time you opened the “chat” app, know if the user you want to speak to saw your message and know if your message was delivered, You can send touches if the user you want to speak to is not connected.

We used my app with my friends to talk, it took a long time to finish it and I thank the community that I always remove any questions.


nice feature but you should work on the design a bit more


Nice. Where can i download It?


I think he uses the APP only privately.



I have not yet published it on Playstore. When I do, I’ll leave the link.