I need a Video Editor Extension (I will pay for it)


Hi, guys, I intend to create an app to edit videos (like videoshow, viva video, kinemaster etc). I know there are tons of them already but I have some unique ideas and a certain number of sponsors for this app. The problem is: There are not components or extensions to create or edit videos.

I would like to hire a developer to create an extension that allows me to edit videos with the app. Those who get interested please send me a direct message and we can discuss price, terms etc.

Some functions I would like the extension to have (not necessarily all of them, it will depend on how much it will cost):

  1. Record the screen of the app (or part of the screen, example: record only horizontalarrangement1)

  2. Add an image / logotipo / watermark to corner of the video.

  3. Stretch / change width and height of videos.

  4. Merge 2 or more videos into one.

  5. Add an image or phrase to a video. Example: I have a video of 1024x728px and an image of 1024x296px and I want to mix than in a new video which will have 1024x1024px with the image on top or bottom of the video). Or I type a phrase in a textbox and set a font size and this phrase will be added to top or bottom of the video, then a new video will be generated with the phrase embeded on it.

  6. Add or remove audio from a video.

  7. Generate a new video from a sequence of images.


For such a project, I don’t think an extension is the right solution. Blocks builders like AppyBuilder or App Inventor 2 are not the right platform for what you want to do. You should go on Google and type “hire a coder” in the search box. Or learn Android Studio and develop that yourself.