I imported app inventor project to appybuilder


app is working fine when i build through app inventor 2
but when i import my project to appy builder build app in my phone is not working
unfortunately has stoped


I wouldn’t tag this as bug :slight_smile: app inventor is going through lots of updates such as theme support that might make it incompatible with AppyBuilder.


okay what if i keep theme classic will it work
reason app inventor lack monetize and about screen disable
so imported here
if there is any solution please help


Delete all ads banner and interstitial from your app and upload aia to appybuilder


there is no ads on my app app inventor does not have monetize


then compare your aia to appybuilder features available … if some features which not available in appybuilder , delete that part from your app and then upload aia to appybuilder… Its works


@vinit_poojary can you PM me your .aia? I can try to isolate the issue


@Hossein sent you my project aia


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