I can not see icon in my sidebar please help


Hi I have created sidebar but for some reason I am not getting this in correct way , can I have any help am I doing something wrong here ? icons are not showing file attached .Thanks


Show your blocks please.

Did you use this tutorial for the right blocks?



Try this:
use the font icons in this format: &#xE87B
You get it from here:



Icons are from here. You have to enter the codes on this page.



Here is my blocks img


Can I not use my own created icons ?


Ok, i thought it was the material fonts. :wink:


What sidebar are you using? This is not the one from AB. That is why you always have to give as much info as possible. So instead of your screenshot you should also provide blocks, name of extensions etc.


Component for Sidebar
Extension Version: 1 (free downloaded online )


That doesnt tell much more. I see you have spaces in the filenames of your images. Maybe remove them will help else tell who made the extension.


I did but still the same this sidebar extension I just downloaded after random search on google can remember from where but I was from one of Thunkable or AppyBuilder forum.


If you dont know then maybe use the ab sidebar.


can we use font awesome icons in sidebar?
(sidebar v1 extension by andres)


I figured it out.
We just have to put unicode in icon column


Use small icon name here


For my SideBar component I use the fonts from https://fontawesome.com/cheatsheet.
But most of them either chinese or a rectangle.
What to do?