I can not publish my application because of Target API level 28


I have a problem loading an application on the Google Play platform because of Target API level 28


Do have used the search function?
Do have read the message from Google?


Yes I read it and I hope there will be a solution


it is not a rejection. the final dates are given there.


New apk cannot be published to Google play store for reasons of target API and optimisation. I cannot publish my apps too. Google is barring earlier than scheduled.
We need help urgently!


I’ve successfully published my application on Google Play, I lacked this step I will share with you


Estou publicando normalmente os meus aplicativos, sempre tem o aviso referente a API 28, porem ela não me impede de publica-los.


I was trying to publish without supplying all required details.
I just published my app.