HTMl file not working properly


i guess because the webviewer doesn’t know what to do with “whatsapp://”. The webviewer is not a full browser. Things like http will be recognized but other things not.


Its any way to send message from html file ?


To Whatsapp you mean?


i am using a html file which having a button , when someone click on it message send to whatsapp


Why do you use a html file? Why not just a button in the app and use the share component for instance.


Or this extension


because my html file having too many share button around 100+


And why so many buttons. Can you show an example?

The html file will not work i guess, you have to rethink your design.



Just like this , having too many share option… But its not work in web viewer


Like i said it will not work i guess. You have to rethink your design and use for instance the share component or the Whatsapp utils Extension. See above.


Thanks but there is a way to share text from html to whatsapp, if i resolve it i would share with you…


I am looking forward to your solution. Thinking further i would think a combination of the

and this

Could be a solution for your problem.

Is there a reason why you want to use a html and not the components available in AppyBuilder?


i already use appybuilder component to make a app , but now want to do something new to create this type of app with html…


you must use an array that includes these 2 blocks and a timer to make a communication of your html with the app code (blocks)



Top_English_Whatsapp_status (1).aia (5.4 KB)
can you look after this aia file and suggest me…




can you share a block dia


How many buttons i can use in a single page…


I think you can set webviewstring variable using javascript. When it change, you can share.


so what we can do for share