HowToFix: Server error:could not build target


Hello. I created an app but i can’t build an apk file. plz help me… How can i fix this???


please provide more information like error reports or screenshots of the errors.



this is schreenshots of the errors. please help me!!


Did you read the FAQ - Why app fails to build what Peter_Mathijssen already posted in #3?


no, what is it?? where is it?


The second post of this thread by Peter Mathijssen: He linked to a FAQ-Thread compliant to your question:


aha, but i don’t know what is the problem of them… sorry…
What do you think is the problem over there?


sorry for this ask… can you take a look at what’s wrong with building my app instead of me…
I can provide you with my ID and password.


never provide id or password to third person. But you can provide the .aia-File here so that some of the experts (not me) can take a look. I can - for exercise reasons - also take a look at the .aia-file and make a work through the FAQ list, if there is the error.


Did you read the faq and tried some things?


i face the same problem still not fixed after reading FAQ


Appybuilder merged with Kodular and will no longer update. Online servers are down so you should start using Kodular


Hello I can’t download the apk file. what’s the problem ? Server error: could not build target. Please try again later!


Read the post above yours.