HowToFix: Server error:could not build target


Hello. I created an app but i can’t build an apk file. plz help me… How can i fix this???


please provide more information like error reports or screenshots of the errors.



this is schreenshots of the errors. please help me!!


Did you read the FAQ - Why app fails to build what Peter_Mathijssen already posted in #3?


no, what is it?? where is it?


The second post of this thread by Peter Mathijssen: He linked to a FAQ-Thread compliant to your question:


aha, but i don’t know what is the problem of them… sorry…
What do you think is the problem over there?


sorry for this ask… can you take a look at what’s wrong with building my app instead of me…
I can provide you with my ID and password.


never provide id or password to third person. But you can provide the .aia-File here so that some of the experts (not me) can take a look. I can - for exercise reasons - also take a look at the .aia-file and make a work through the FAQ list, if there is the error.


Did you read the faq and tried some things?


i face the same problem still not fixed after reading FAQ


Appybuilder merged with Kodular and will no longer update. Online servers are down so you should start using Kodular


Hello I can’t download the apk file. what’s the problem ? Server error: could not build target. Please try again later!


Read the post above yours.


Am also unable to build my app… its saying server error
unable to build target file



AppyBuilder’s online build servers have been offline for months.
AppyBuilder merged with Kodular.


I will be very happy when the servers will finally shut down on the 30th of June. But then we will have users who will ask the questions why they can not access the builder and are forwarded to Kodular. Users simple don’t read the topics. And to make matters worse it even looks like an earning app that is being made.


Because of this, I hope this community be closed as soon as possible. I think this is the only way to make users READ what they have to.