How we create a backup of our offline server data.?


i want to save backup of appybuilder offline version. is it possible ?
because if i lose laptop then what i do?
so i want to create a backup of our offline server data.
please guide me or suggest me any idea.



VERY good :+1: question . AppEngine creates a database named local_db.bin in a sub-folder like below:


You can backup your local_db.bin file

You can view data (e.g. projects created), by going to http://localhost:8888/_ah/admin/datastore
Once opened, select “ProjectData”, then click on “List Entities”

As you add, remove projects, you can view them here:


you mean if i install new offline appybuilder and simple replace or enter ( local_db.bin ) file so my all project are showing properly?
you mean i save every week local_db.bin file? am i right?