How to use CloudDB?


Hello Community,:raising_hand_man:

Are you looking for Tutorial on CloudDB :question:

So here it is.:blush:

I have covered most of all CloudDB components In tutorial.

In first section i have explained how to store single value.

In second section i have explained how to store list.

Images of blocks :

I hope you all like it.
You can do same thing with firebase.

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Sample .Aia File :

CloudDB_NICK.aia (5.3 KB)


Thanks for help and sharing


I remember @Hossein asking for redis server code in App Inventor group. @Nickon If you dont mind me asking, do you guys get the server source code from App Inventor team, or do you code it yourself?


@Ronin here is the code that we have integrated:


Hi, @John. Thanks for answering, i think this is component source code, not server code, right? Do you use App Inventor redis server?


@Ronin currently we are pointing to AI, but will switch it within a week. This is one of the reasons it’s in experimental category


Is it possible to the data saved in one screen can be get in other screen


Hi Guys is it possible to add a item search function to this app?