How to show 1 label data on 2nd label?


i want 1st label data show in 2nd horizontal page label.
please tell me the code.


Show your design and blocks. Where is your data coming from. Giving more info is always best.


dear i ask simple blog of show one label data in 2nd label .?
please tell me


You mean just this



yes. i want to show 1st horizantal label text on 2nd horizantal label text

is it true?


You blocks look alright but i don’t know the rest of your blocks. What is the result if you try? That’s the fun of learning.


i want if score is 500 then after complete game at the end total score show in label 19. but its not working.


Like i said before show your blocks.


dear its my privacy. i cannot show hole app blog


please help me too bro


If you two do not want to show your blocks or say what you have done so far, what you have try and what is not working … how is anyone supposed to help you ?? :thinking:


it’s all about privacy…:laughing: