How to set up pure method Interstitial Ads


I got an email where my interstitial ads of an app did not follow admob policy. That’s why they stopped to show ads that’s app. Then I set up time like… Capture1
in design part and Capture2 in block section to show interstitial ads will load at 2.30 minute later. And continuously ads will load at 2.30 later. Like, a user stay in a screen 10 minute, So that he can see 4 times ads.

My question is that, the method didn’t work properly. Ads comes after the page initialization. I didn’t want bother my user’s. So how can I apply above method. What’s the method will work properly.

@Hossein plz give a solution. I got another alert notice about this issue.


You should not use Clock to keep loading Ads. This will cause AdMob account suspension


Then how can I add this ads in delay like 2.30 later


Ads refresh and change automatically. You should not keep loading


Capture3 Sir what’s the method I can use?


The right method of using intertesial ads in appinventor clones is by using various layout in the same screen rather than hanging to new screen and using show ads block when required. Once done set the next step of your app progress in the after ad close block.

Well let me how i use intertesial ads to keep myself on the right side:

Step 1: Load ad on screen initialize as soon as possible.


Step 2: Call show ad when a person clicks on button or layout to reach other screen or part of app on same or another screen.

Note: Here i use tinu db to insure intetesial show every seventh times making sure the internet is vailable using responce code 200. You can also use “is network connected” method from network manager tool.


Step 3: Make sure you send the value to your responce code variable when the screen initialize and web got the text. I use google as the url for the web here.


Step 4: Send user to desired screen once ads closes


Step 5: Make sure you use else block at the time of ad shown to send user directly to the new screen if the internet is not available

Some advice: Dont publish all apps with intertesial; add it to your app using next release once you reach 100+ active install. Dont make earning app and only use clock property to load ad with banner ads.


Thanks your valuable advice. Can you give me aia file of a simple app? Thanks in advance.


you have all block here you have only tro do he same like on the images. or are you to lazy to do that. be careful with admob your account is faster deleted as you can look. and they know if you kame you a new account and they delete them too.


Thanks for your nice advice. But I have question to you… I make an app in one screen where I use 15 pages , Like screen. So I want here to do add interstitial ads so frequently after 5 minutes or so. If i implement above system to my app, it can be happen?


@philipp376 what about say Reward and Banner ads? Any guideline there?


To show all 5 min a ad is a earning app and this app will be rejected fro google. And earning apps are not allowed to create here. If google reject too much app from appybuilder they can block all apps from appybuilder and than it is over with appybuilder apps. This is why it is not allowed to do an earning app. Why do you want to show all 5 min an ad. Do you think your app will have much users if you have to look all 5 min an ad. The same admob will close and delet you account if you load ads with the clock. Read the policy and you will see whats allowed. Be cafefully one time deleted is deleted 4erver. Make 1 banner in your app and maybe a ins… ad and thats it. Look if you will have more as your friends as user and than think of more ads. ads are here to pay your services for the app not to get rich. And look on your click rate more as 10% and you should contact admob team before you get delete.


yea…thats right…


Thanks for your suggestion. I eagerly accepted your suggestion. Once I made app with lot of screen but this is a not a proper way to make app. So, I made it to take layout. Here, I gave one screen one banner and one interstitial.

But now I just want to show once for once layout. That’s it. One layout cover huge information. What’s the proper way I still confusion. I have several app which has 8000+ active install.

I hope you will understand my problem and give a proper solution.


man if its not an earning app i will be interested to know the niche! I dont want to disclose your app name or more details but just niche so i can try my luck too!


Found and fixed the issue. Thanks for the tips!


please read amob interstial policy. It says that you can only use interstial when chancing screen of apps. So whatever you do except this your account can suspend.

read this article.


Thanks Mustafa… I am trying to get it to display within the change of screens. I copied the code, but feel I’m missing something parlaying my ad with tinydb or calling the web and not really clear about what it means to have a global response code of 200. Upon release, now none of my ads are shown. I’m bummed, but not giving up anytime soon. Any suggestions re the code. Can I send you a screenshot of what I’ve got so far? TIA


Hi there, thanks for the tips… I tried loading my code as you suggested but can’t get the interstitial to show

. Can you help? Here are my blocks: