How to save high quality image?


Hi everybody,

I’m trying to build a drawing app, using canvas component. But the image is a bit blur in some phone and a lot blur in some other. Especially when it is shown in an AI2 app, but a little better in phone gallery.
So, is there any way to fix or workaround? Even just let the image as beautiful as is shown in gallery


how you save what you draw.
Can you save your work as image file



I use [call Canvas .Save as file name] to save my drawing as .png image. It worked but all lines and texts drawn by canvas were blurry:roll_eyes:


I am also interested in this issue… How to save a high-quality image + specify a place to save??



This code is to take the Taifun… This code stores the image only in TinyDB memory… Oh, I want to save the Canvas image to a flash card… How to do this? Help!


no, the file will be stored on the internal sdcard and the path to the file will be stored in TinyDB…
use Do it to find out the path to the file
see tip 4 here


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The canvas component makes a mess out of whatever you draw on it, and then when you load the image back into the canvas, it messes it up even more. These deficiencies in the canvas are due to the fact that in the beginning, App Inventor was just for learning how to code and the quality of the image wasn’t very important to anyone.
It needs to be updated, and I’ve been saying this for some time now (years).
I found out that if you set your screen1 at FIXED instead of RESPONSIVE, the image saved and loaded are way more accurate in quality. Try it.