How to run AppyBuilder on Windows?


I’ve been kicked out of Github Issue to ask on the forum while it’s still a documentation issue.
Well, here it is again:
I compiled AppBuilder (NOT the personal edition) successfully, ending with:

     [java] -------> processing resourcePath:/tools/windows/zipalign
     [java] f├®vr. 09, 2018 2:19:51 PM runZipAlign
     [java] Infos: ZIPALIGN time: 0.15 seconds
     [java] f├®vr. 09, 2018 2:19:51 PM setProgress
     [java] Infos: The current progress is 100%

Total time: 11 minutes 18 seconds

but which .bat or .exe or .jar is to be run locally on Windows?
AFAIK, There’s no when building on Windows so doc is incomplete.