How to resolve the Screen error when click block mode


Hello Expert,
How to resolve errors when opening screens in blocks mode. So the screen can still be opened in designer mode, but for some reason suddenly an error when opened in blocks mode, maybe my child accidentally made it an error. I use offline version. Thank you very much.


If you want to have your child the best experience either use App Inventor or Kodular. The offline version isn’t developed anymore an will lead to problems.


I have tried importing to codular but there were many errors, many components that did not match, I could not start again from zero, too much had been made. While the target for completing it is limited.


Can you show what you made. Maybe post your aia? Can you load your aia in the online version?


Maybe you project got corrupted…


I cannot post aia, because due to this error, the screen cannot be exported even one project cannot be exported, there is no respone when clicking export to the computer. Perhaps the last option is to delete the screen to save the entire project. Maybe it’s true what Mr. Booban said, was corrupted, but I hope it’s only in one screen, because the others have no problem when in Block Mode. And that is a painful choice