How to receive data from Google Spreadsheet?


i to want send data through Spreadsheet to app.
i’m using webviewer component, where i want to change weblink through spreadsheet.
can anyone help me to do this


u can use this


but this is paid can you give me


yes its paid .
only $5


sorry. mai tumhe pay nahi kar sakta kyu ki mai abhi sikh rha hu.



i have tried this,

how to get perticular row&Column value and replace for webviewer link


Did you try the tutorial?


but how can i do.
i want to change links of webviewer component using spreadsheet automatically when i change it in spreadsheet how can do this


Never tried that before. So can not help you. Play with the tutorial and test some things. You will learn from that.


okk thanxx
this tutorial is for sending data to spreadsheet using app

  • but i want to receive data from spreadsheet automaticaly for perticular component like webviewer.


I was used this tutorial to receive data from spreadsheet using Spreadsheet Query(almost SQL), and works for me!


Can you send me block images or .aia file


You need to first go to “Preparation” part of tutorial in to prepare your google spreadsheet.

For strSelectUrl in example below you must use

Then you get the ID of your sheet, now see the blocks

Data or Value Exchange using Spreadsheet

it does not look like you read the complete tutorial?
see chapter "SELECT using the Google Visualization API"
see also the screenshot from @tiagoks … thank you @tiagoks



good never pay anyone this is free platform



and this is why Appybuilder will have to close… too much free lunch…


Can you send me your email ID… I want to buy this extension but I’m not able to pay through PayPal and Paytm so we can discuss further via mail