How to put signed certificate in apk developed in AB?


I am new to appybuilder i don’t know how to put signed certificate in apk developed by appybuilder so that if i upload it to play store i can update it later. Can anyone help me in this please ?
Thank you

What is the keystore and what doing

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You can find info here:

In principle. If you start a fresh app with appybuilder your app gets automaticly signed with a so called keystore. If you keep using appybuilder and update your app you don’t have to do anything else.

As an example i made an app with App Inventor and put it on Google Play. When i started using AppyBuilder for the same app i imported the keystore that i used on App Inventor in AppyBuilder. When i compiled the app i could update the apk in Google Play without any problem. I use App Inventor, AppyBuilder, Makeroid and Thunkable. They all use the same keystore.


Thank you for helping ! This have cleared my problem and u have very responsive team .great work :blush: