How To optimize apps?


Hi i have a app and its crash everytime, or its slow in phones , i have 3 screens whit color animation buttons Tabs swipe and different fuctions , i want to know some tricks or tips to Optimize the app ,

Buenas tengo una app en desarollo, es lenta y cuando se queda en una ventana crashea , solo 3 ventanas animaciones para los botones de colores y Tabs swipe Y queria saber algo para optimizarla




Yes i did it all of that , But Nothing Keep Crashing and Goining Slowly


pd:I Have Logcat From firebase If u want


Well, Its very difficult to help without knowing what your code is doing


Okay What u need? (134.0 KB)


I guess, that’s the error

09-19 23:26:57.873: W/zygote(8619): Throwing OutOfMemoryError “Failed to allocate a 2495456 byte allocation with 2023272 free bytes and 1975KB until OOM, max allowed footprint 201326592, growth limit 201326592”

which means, you did not use follow tip 1 (switching screens correctly) or tip 2 ( using correct image sizes)


All images are in the correct Size and and only one open screen at Time, I delete all colors animations , And now works well. Thanks For the Help


Please Explain what you did