How to open second or third screen first when app start?



help me…my splash screen number is 9 so it is not opening first…so what should i do???


Well you could search the forum.


Splash screen should be always first.
Change screen1 to splash screen.


With the help of some code you can make any screen splashscreen. That’s the power of AppyBuilder.

See this tutorial about making splashscreen that appears immediatly instead of the black screen that appears first.

If AppyBuilder could make this work from the editor it would be awesome.


@Peter thanks for new information.


Screen1 can’t be renamed


I am not taking about to change name just use screen 1 as splash screen.


App will always start with Screen1. Check this blog post from Hossein’s blog to see how to change screen names. Change Screen1 to some other name and Screen9 to Screen1. It worked for me.

How to change primary screen

Or you can modify in the manifest file by moving
<category android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER" />
to the specific screen that you want it to start first…



If I really wish I could integrate as they do from the link, but from the designer


Would give applications a better look without having to decompile them