How to make user cannot take screenshot when open our apps?



how to make user cannot take screenshot when open our apps?


You can not do that.


Add this Extension to every screen you want to prevent screenshots:

Note: I just whipped this up with the AppyBuilder Code Editor and I have only tested it on my Samsung S8 running Android OS 9.0.
Let me know if you have any issues!

com.appybuilder.kennicholsandroid.NoPhotosPlease.aix (5.6 KB)


And just like that there is another special extension. :grin:


I couldn’t resist, it was basically 1 line of code.


eres mi favorito KEN, jaja


You are simply the best, Ken :+1:


That was fast! :grinning::grin:


works like a charm:muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:


how to use it this extension?




Hi. I’m building WordPress website which has restricted content available only for members. I’m trying to find solution to prevent members taking screenshots of the copyright content within this area.
I know it’s for android but Can I use this plug-in to work on certain website pages of my website?


If you want to allow certain pages and not allow others you may want to use this extension instead:

Edit: Both of these extensions will only work when viewing the page with the android app.


Thanks Ken. i followed the link to Kodular, registered there. Tried to download the extension - no success. Scrolled down, there is Other guy Thuva couldn’t download either. He was looking for you to tell you about this. While we are in the topic, we would be grateful if you could possibly fix it please. Best!


I don’t have the ability to fix the link on Kodular.


If you scroll up a bit. there is a your link you put on May 19. Is it the same extension? Can I use it if it is?


This isn’t the same extension, I shared my code with him and he modified it.


Ok. Thanks, I used the other link you sent.


Hello mate. Need you opinion please. I am going to convert my WP into Android app first and then add this screen capture protection to it. And so try to make it secure. Should it work what do you think ?