How to make screen3 call first on appybuilder?


default showing app is screen1, can i change the default first showing app is screen3 or 4…???



You can do it by adding timer on Screen1. Change the timer value to small value like 50 or 100 (milliseconds) and when fired, Open Screen 3.

See block below

But dont forget to add Clock.Enabled=False block before OpenAnotherScreen block.


thanks ronin, but the case is …if screen1 load (default appybuilder) … will be counting timer 1000ms and then go to the splash screen. and my splash want to going back on screen1, it will be looping screen1 and splash.


any sugestion for this?


Are you live testing or an APK?
In live testing it will automatically came back to screen which is opened.


So you want the 1st load only that bypass Screen1? Well, that would be a bit complex. My recommendation would be to not use Screen1 at all. Just add a new screen for your use.


yupp…bypass screen1 only. Ok iam still searching and findout the good way…, btw thanks ronin.


APK Mode testing with nox player. Any advice mate…??