How to make money transfer app


Can anyone help me to make money transfer app


For example app installed on different have different username and password and in their account have some point by watching video ads
Then how to share these Coins to other
Old help


@Vignesh_Pillai why did you use open-source category? I’m moving it to monetize category


I can help with this


I suppose this tutorial from @PixiiBomb is what you need.


How please tell me
And give some suggestions


1.Make a Login and Register Page and Make Users register and Store that Value to Firebase.
2. Make a Project Bucket in Firebase for a Points or Money Storage and Store Users value there.
3. Use reward Video Component to Reward Users and Store points regularly to Firebase.
4. Make a System to transfer points by Using the Firebase Components which you can figure out easily.

Its a Bit complicated Work for a Noobie but If you have basic Knowledge you can do it !!


anyone please explain me this feature iwant a toturial pease


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