How to make icons in app?


This does not work for me .already added fontawesome ttf. anyone here can help



A próbowałeś bez Web1 i najważniejsze w properties wybrałeś FontTypefaceCustom?

And you tried without Web1 and the most important thing in the properties you chose FontTypefaceCustom?


Are you using the offline version of AppyBuilder. This is certainly not the online version.


I think the standard fontAwesome.ttf only has a handful of available characters, it’s not the full library.

If you have fontAwesome.ttf installed on your computer, open it up in the Character Map and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Click on an Icon and you’ll see the letter you need to enter into AppyBuilder to use that character.

In AppyBuilder, make sure

Using this example, if you entered K as the Text Property, you would see the Key Icon

When I make websites, I like to use Font-Awesome’s CDN (which gives me access to the entire free library)
but when I use AppyBuilder, I like to use Material Icons

If you’re using the Material-Icons font

Then you can use any of the icons on this page:

If you set FontTypefaceCustom to MaterialIcons.ttf then you would enter vpn_key as the Text Property (for the Key Icon)


yes i have selected it. Tried with material design and font awesome also. thankyou all I am trying.


testing.aia (90.3 KB)

Here is my app which I am testing it. Can you please check it out