How to make extentions is visible?


How to make extentions is visible ?

I hve try compile extention is succes…
but my extension not visible in design screen (imine like component botton,texbox ect.)


this my simple description of extension?

@DesignerComponent(version = YoutubeKU.VERSION,
description = “Youtube Extension by kangris”,
category = ComponentCategory.EXTENSION,
nonVisible = true,
iconName = “images/extension.png”)
@SimpleObject(external = true)
@UsesPermissions(permissionNames = “android.permission.INTERNET,android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE,android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGEandroid.permission.WAKE_LOCKandroid.permission.INTERNETandroid.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE”)

or mybe this description :

nonVisible = true

Please how to fix ?
Thank you :pray:

Like this:


ad input layout . harizental vertical etc as u want


@kangris Extensions must be non visible in Designer.

3.2.1 Restrictions on extension components

Your component can be anything you can implement, with the following restrictions:
It must be a non-visible component. (Keep in mind that “non-visible” here refers to visibility in the App Inventor designer, not visibility on the phone screen.


Yes true sir @Shivendra_Kr_Sahu
Cant its?
Maybe like extension admob banner not like admob interstitial.
How to set or configure extension be like that?



Sir @Ken_Nichols
But i need visible extension :sa:

Or maybe compile be component



then use input are horizontal


Sir @Shivendra_Kr_Sahu
Please sample code java :smile:

Thanks :relaxed:


You can’t make it visible in the (Designer) but you can make it visible at runtime.
If you want it visible in Designer you would need to return the value to a component like a Webviewer.


Im sorry sir @Ken_Nichols
you have sampe java code :smile: