How to make application CRUD with SQLITE


help me…for make to application CRUD with SQLITE…
I am newbie


Please provide more info on your requirement.
also what have you fibre so far?


the application is only for select, insert, update and delate only simple applications …


i am study appybuilder…


I know that sometimes speaking another language can be difficult. Maybe you can try to ask in your own language?


I am sorry…
Bagaimana cara merelasikan 2 tabel SQLITE menggunakan appybuilder?


Maybe explain more about what you want to do.


di aplikasi tersebut bisa melakukan select, insert, update dan delete hanya untuk satu input saja



Hi Hardy
Have a look as this extension and carefully study the AIA attached. Also have a look at the documentation in github as i work very well and if in doubt do a search on this forums and youll find a post by me about it.