How to make a chatting app


I want to make chatting app just like WhatsApp , just to send message to the another user, without using email or SMS service :thinking: can anyone made of simple application having two labels 1 for number and other for the text and 1 button to send the message and also one more label to see the message received.


Take a look into this extension: Chat ListView Extension


Can I get the rar file


Yes you can, since you give the U$ 15,00 through PayPal to his creator @Andres_Cotes as described on the post.


How to create an extension


Do you even know how to code with Java? Becaise extension development is not just copy/paste… Also, to make a chatting app requires a lot of things. 1) A server where you store data, other stuff. 2) a good knowledge of how TRANSMISSION works between server and a client 3) making your own chat apps costs…
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@100_rabh Have a look at the link below if you want to learn how to create an extension. You can make one for yourself if you really want to.

Read also the document under the following link.

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Thanks, I am new here so I bib not know more about it I thought that I just like the other app’s I made


Well no. But there is a few learning platform SoloLearn. It is best programming learning platform from my perspective. Best regards


Hola! Quisiera probar la muestra por favor antes de comprarlo, gracias!