How to join two aia files into one?



I want to know how i can join two or more aia files and merge it into one with all the screens and blocks? Is it possible because i have some apps in one place and other apps part in other project, now i want to merge the two projects into one another project. How can i merge two or more aia projects into one aia project file with everything properly merged screen and blocks both.


You have the option to export and import a screen. So that would be an option.

Or you could use this tool


thanks peter for the quick response. I will try today. Hope this works in easy fashion, i mean screen and block both because in makeroid importing and exporting the screens is easily available but not the blocks, so hope your method works. Thanks again


You could also copy the blocks by copying all of them to the backpack and then paste them back.



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Yes possible . You should Use 7zip for this purpose