How to import eclipse keystore to appybuilder?


Dear All!

I have a keystore which I created in Eclipse.

Now I want to use that key in appybuilder project, please help how can I make it compatible with appybuilder?

In other words How can I convert the eclipse keystore to appybuilder keystore?

Thank you and the best regards.


@Mahmoud please see thread below:
How to convert .jks to .keystore


Thank you for your support Hossein.
Allah bless you. I will try it.


Hossein I made the key in eclipse.
Now I want to use that key in appybuilder.
Please help, how can I import that key in appybuilder?


maybe this is tricky for keystore from eclipse/android studio…

u must download keystore explorer first, and then create keystore from that tool.
this is mandatory, u should be using the password is “android” and entry alias is "androidkey"
So…try it…