How to get input from user directly through keyboard


How can I get input when user click ok/Tick sign after writing text on keyboard. I don’t want other button to do this task. User can give input directly through keyboard.

I used Extra components extension for this but it is causing error while downloading. Is there any other way.


Maybe tell more about what you are trying to achieve. Show some blocks.


My question is simple . I just want to take input from user (using textbox) which get triggers when he press enter/ok on his/her keyboard.



not helpful . I know how to use text box. I just want the textbox input to trigger when user press enter on his keyboard


If that help was not enough, then I think you’ll have to search further.



Did you look at the link. This extension makes it possible what you want to do.


Apparently not…



Great that you sponsored this feature :+1:


Thanks. I am really sorry for bothering you (I didn’t saw that point).

However when I am uploading it to appybuilder it is saying - Upload Error


What are you uploading?


See the App Inventor Extensions document about how to use an App Inventor Extension.



Textbox Extension


are you able to upload any other extension to Appybuilder?


yes , I am able to upload any other extension


I just tried it and it works for me. Try it with a fresh project and see what happens. Download a fresh copy of the extension.


It’s now working . Thanks to everyone :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:


Whenever I am compiling the project appybuilder is displaying this message :-

This is probably due to this extension.
Before I was using ExtraComponents Extension to get input from keyboar and that as also creating same problem.


At home screen you have a block with empty socket. Check blocks editor.