How to get image from firebase using grid


i want to make wallpaper app using grid elements.But i failed to get images from firebase database.
It give me url not shown images. i added “” “” in my firebase value. after that i can’t see any images

Anyone give me any suggestion for that?


anyone here? i need help.


Is the issue getting data from firebase or setting wallpaper?

@PixiiBomb posted a tutorial for wallpaper


data get fine.but not shown in image formet when i using grid element.
but when i using image it working fine.


Try to show screenshot of relevant blocks



testing for single image


You are trying to read the image from firebase or just a location?


i want to show image from firebase using grid


my problem is not solved yet.can you please help me?
how to show images from url in grif view?


FileByFile_Drive.aia (11.8 KB)


@Louis what is the aia that you are sharing??


grid need elements … as list , but as i see from your blocks u try to but just one url for one pic (string value)… you need to put the value from firebase in a list first (it could be a list of one element) and then using this list with grid.


hi @Hossein. the link i shared was a example aia file that i got here.
hi @MMS this was not my blocks. i didn’t use the blocks as is, i deciphered it and replace the lists with my own images urls and i just used what i needed. but it is an example of how to download images from firebase. i thought i’ll share this link with @maksud because his block here:
look wrong…
but maybe i’m wrong. because i don’t know how grid elements work:

but i shared link because @maksud said:

so i thought it’s because of his firebase structure:


so maybe he can use this link.
but i also didn’t watched:

so sorry if i posted this aia file at the wrong time and wrong place.

but i posted it…also, because he’s last message was:

and i accidently ended up here while i was searching for answers for something else and thought of doing my good deed for the day.