How to display a list of over 10,000 lines


Hello to all. I need help with my problem. I amount a .txt file containing a list of articles. I would like to import them into a list and display them in a listpicker but being many articles, we also talk about more than 10,000 articles, but the app crashes. The idea is to import a sql table, but then with which component can I view them? According to you doing a query on an archive of over 10,000 records, with which component can I view them?


I don’t think it’s a good idea to have a ListPicker with 10k elements because it may crash due to user’s device memory. Think about redesigning your app


I am not sure if this will work for 10K items but this may work for you.
Or you may be able to implement something similar so it loads smaller chunks of data at a time.

Note: There are 2 versions of the extension you will want the 11.6KB “”


Thanks, it seems the ideal solution. We hope that holds many records. I’ll try it over the weekend and for gratitude, I promise to report the results. Thank you