How to detect when an Android application is minimized?



How to detect when an Android app goes to the background? So Is this even possible in appyBuilder?


try the tools extension and its ActivityStateChanged event

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Hey thanks for you help but there is an issue, I can detect the app pause means app is minimize but can I detect the app active status again after the minimization by the user.


read the documentation of that event and try the example project


Why is it taking Microphone permission? If this permission is denied, the activity statuses are not working properly. So whats the solution?


the tools extension does not require any permission
it seems to be, you added some other components into your app…


But…I am facing a issue… Whenever an interstitial ad shows in the app the activity state change to pause and if ad is closed, the activity state change to resume… This is conflicting with the app minimization and open again state detection for me so I am unable to do what I want to do when app is minimized or open again after minimization…Hope you can help me…Thanks.


probably you can find out, if the ad has been closed?
sorry, I can’t help you with that, I do not like ads… :wink: