How to create user unique id in firebase db


I create register page
I like store user details like
Unique user no
Mobile no
Plz help


I think you should use Username as the Tag and the values will be saved using a ‘/’ between then. Use the Join Block of Text.
Join the Username/Password/Email/etc.

And in the Firebase Got event u can use the Split Text at ‘/’ Block to make a list of User Details.
Then you can pick the required data from the List using teh Select List Item and Index Block.
Index 1 for Username
Index 2 for Password


Can you expelain with blocks


I am making it for a Username, Mobile No, Email Address, Name


Every user get unique id no

Just like

01 Name mobile no email password
02 Name mobile no email password


Its possible


It is Possible. First have a look at what i made for you.

And for what you want. I am thinking what you want. Once I will found a way I will tell you


I found the way

This is using a different Firebase DB but with teh same URL and Key.
This works with a simple logic.
When the user will click the create account it will get the no. of users who have an account on your App.
Next it will simply make a User ID by using the Addition block- Current No. Of Ids +1


Its not work

User id not +

Replace value when new user details sing up



i can not sing in