How to Create an Offerwall (using Enhance + Tapjoy)


You should be able to follow along easily if you are able to find blocks by looking at a screenshot.

In Part 1, you will learn how to use the Enhance website. This website provides a free extension that you can use in your AppyBuilder projects! Use this extension to easily implement an Offerwall (and much more) into your app. In this section, we’ll create the basic blocks necessary to make the offerwall run properly and then start enhancing the app.

In Part 2, we’ll be working with the TapJoy website. This is the website that provides our Offerwall. You’ll learn how to create a new app (TapJoy “Project”), create a Placement Name and Virtual Currency and find the SDK Key requirement.

In Part 3, we put all the puzzle pieces together. We’ll need to finalize the Enhancement process, email ourselves the enhanced .apk, and install the .apk onto our phone. We can then test the app and make sure the Offerwall is working. We’ll also talk about saving the data using a database (Fusion Table), and wrap up the video with some tips on making any future changes.

YOU AGREE THAT BY DOWNLOADING THIS .AIA FILE you will ONLY use it for education purposes or as part of your app. Any apps published to Google Play using any or parts of this .aia file MUST legibly include the phrase “original app design by Pixii Bomb” either on the title screen or somewhere in the “About” section. ANY Or ALL parts of this project MAY NOT be uploaded to another youtube channel, website, or publication in which the uploader receives credit for my work. If you wish to use ANY part of this tutorial in a tutorial that you create, you MUST have my permission to do so.
If you violate any of the above terms, your channel/website/publication will be flagged for copyright infringement.

Before Enhancement .aia File: EnhanceOfferwall.aia (231.4 KB)

Enhanced .apk File:

Enhance Website:
TapJoy Website:


I am unable to download the .apk.
When I click the download button in Drive the website just shrinks and gets bigger.
Seems like a Drive issue.
Anyone else experiencing this?


What Browser are you using?

I had no issues in Chrome or Firefox




@PixiiBomb what is the login id and password


You would need to create your own :sweat:


As Hassan stated - yes, you would need to use your own Fusion Table (for your project. You shouldn’t be using my Fusion for your final app. It’s just there to play around with, but even if you use it during development you will run into problems, because there are 1000 other people messing around with it at any given time)

However, for the .apk file, if you want to sign in, you can use ANY of the usernames/passwords that you see on the screen. You can take a closer look at the fusion table data here:


I can email it to you if you want. What is your email address?


Thanks, but I finally got it to download just now by visiting the topic via gmail.


Hey there!
Looks like I’m way late to the party here…

If anyone has any questions in regards to the Enhance side of things, please let me know and I’ll be happy to help. You can post here, PM me or email us :



hello make a block one time login with tinydb in this aia file or your singup AIA FILE (FUSION TABLE )PLEASE I HAV DONE MANY THING BUT NOT WORKING



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It’s really a good Video. I already promote your channel on my 20k Subscribers Channel.


Heloo pixi ur videos are good i make an app like ur app tapjoy offer wall but in my apps not showing games offer
But in ur app showing games etc


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Just be patient…


How you put watch video option in your offer wall.
I means as the offer wall open there is a option in top of your offerwall video.
But in my there is no watch video option in offer wall.
Please help me.
There is no watch video option in my offer wall.



Do you have any tutorial how to import my own FusionTable?
thanks in advance


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