How to count banner ads impression


how to make banner ads countable and store value of numbers count to the label


AdMob dashboard gives you that info


but i want to know this trick without admob dashboard because we should know how much impression then according to that we can click on ads
plzz tell me salutation


@sbanjare2001 Unfortunately, there is no event to capture this user clicks


You can count how much time ad loaded.
By using ad loaded event and global variable.


sir plz give me a screenshot of blocks for better understand


sir plz full explain about this topic


Set global (count) to -> (0)

Now use admobbanner1 . Ad loaded method.

admobbanner1 . Ad loaded
—>>set global count -> get global (count) + 1.

Save it to firebase.

I am away from my computer so can’t help with images.

How to impressions counts