How to Combine While Loop with Timer. Please help


Hello everyone, I am newbie. I want to make a simple app.
I set time about 180 second count down.
I want make loop.
I want make them count to 0 then i want make next count about half of 180 = 90. i dont want it manually .
after that it will count to 0 then count down time reset . i will be half of 90 then so on
app will stop when count down time lower than 30.
I try many ways but i cant find a correct one.
Could you please help .
this is my .aia file and block
(PS: sorry my English is not good )

test.aia (3.1 KB)


It’s very hard to understand what you want to do. Is there any other app that does what you want to do with yours? Can you provide an example?


Thank you for your reply. this is my target .
i want phone run by it own .
first i give it number like 90.
then it will count down 90 to 0.
second time, it will count down 45 -0 ( second time the value is half the first one . this is just my rule )
third time. i will count down from 22.5 - 0 ( this the last time it finish because the value lower then 30 - this is other rule )

i know i can make 3 steps to do this but, i want to make app can do it by it own and loop many times as possible until it finishes.

I sorry i dont know any app or example for this case. i want to make this app to decrease the time my timer count.


This should do what you want and allow you a little room to play with the initial settings.

I added a Reset button and some extra text to assist in the debugging output.

Half_Countdown.aia (4.5 KB)

EDIT: I didn’t see your follow up post… my example will start at 180, then 90, then 45, then stop because I set the “break” value to < 30. So three loops in total. Anyway, you can adjust it as you see fit.


@ DocDrydenn Thank you so much. your block is awesome. it works , i changed a little bit follow my rule. this my version base on your block.

I can count to from lower than 30 to 0. like said before
this is my block and .aia file
Half_Countdownv2.aia (4.7 KB)


No problem. I’m glad I was able to help you out.

EDIT: While I was writing/testing this, I got impatient having to wait the full 180 + 90 + 45 seconds each time I ran it, so I changed the clock interval to speed it up… anyway, I think I forgot to reset it. Just adjust the clock interval back to 1000 in design view and the speed will be correct.