How to choose specific items in list?


Hi folks,
I’ve a list looks like this:

Cat_||at market_||Place1
Dog_||at market_||Place2
Zebra_||on bus_||Place1
Giraffe_||on bus_||Place1

I wanna make a list contains only the items have ((at market)) to put them in a ListView

Like this:

How can I make it?



use list view component.


Is this exactly how the string looks?


Yes. I use Join text to add the _|| between fields.

The middle part like (at market) is found at Spinner element; the other two parts “like Cat and place1” are Textboxes.


Can you show your blocks? I am thinking that when you join things would be a good place to also put it in a list.


This what I’m trying to make…


So when you press the save button you could check with a logic block if the spinner.selection is at market and then ad the name.text to a list.


Does that make any sense to you?


No Peter. I wanna save several data, but when I select an item like (market) from spinner, the ListView only shows list with names containing only (market) for example.


And what happens if you use the blocks you made. What is the result?


The result is blank ListView! after choosing spinner


But the showsaved button gives the right result with all the entered items?


Yes, it gives all saved items’ names not specific ones


Can you pm me your aia?


Sure, I’m gonna send it to you


With a lot of do its you can see that is in list gives a false result so no items were found. An empty listview is generated.


Thanks for your time.

So, what is the best solution though?


At the moment my head is a blank so have no idea to make it work. Probably something very simpel but i don’t see it. :sunglasses:


Ok. Thanks a lot for your time.