How to check that my app work on android 9.0 version perfectly


hello dear i have some complains comments from user.
i want to check own app in all android versions before publishing playstore.
please tell me is any emulator or software available?


That’s a very good question. We know that Appybuilder runs from API 14 to API 28, but when we use some extensions, we really don’t know if they work at the same range… Once I asked to all extension developers, to inform us which API range the extension work, in order to make us decide if it’s gonna be good for our apps or not.


You can create a closed or open beta test at Google Play Console. That’s the way I test my apps.
You can also use the emulator from Android Studio.


dear can you please tell me api 26 perfect work on 9.0 how?
API26 mean android 8.0 supported right?