How to change the language of the menu button?


Is there a way to change the language of the menu button in the bar at the top right of the application?

Stop the application
Exit the application

Thanks for your answers


yes you have to delet the items and insert in the new anguage. you can work with tinydb. if language is german than add item :german
if language is english than ad item to menü englsh


Is there a tutorial ?


ich schick dir meines


look at my probem with airtable and spreadsheet what i posted today there you have a screen shot of my screen where you can see it. when menü initialuze and so on


have you got a screenShot of the solution for change the language of the menu button?



Hope This will help!
At the start of y app the user have to choose the language.
After that another screen will open
If language is english than …
if language is german than

If a user press device browser the item change from device browser to App Bwoser and this for all two Languages back and foward.


ok thanks
but is there a solution without going through the choice of the home screen.
I mean by that,
a choice initially defined for example French and this for all the screens of the application?