How to build Appybuilder server on webhosting?


How to build Appybuilder server on webhosting?

Cant it,to build appybuilder source to webhosting not vps?

How install web server appybuilder on hosting?
like :

Thanks sir :smile:


Can you tell us why do you need this?


no posible, need virtual server


Iwant test/build appybuilder on termux host (android) :smile:
I want know,how to install appybuilder source to hosting …
Like thats :slight_smile:


Sir,can u share…
How to do it :smile:
Please :wink:


You can build and run locally on your linux box


Without vps is imposible sir?
So in vps must install java n python?

I have try to build on windows n succes…
But iwant appybuilder on webserver android?

Any idea sir :slight_smile:


I do not know if it is the safest way but I have mounted on windows in an instance of aws and redirects the ports with apache