How to add markers onto a Google Map?


Hello, I would like to ask how to use AddMarkers method?


Just got it working, no more a problem!


@Ben can you post screenshot of your relevant blocks?


No problem anymore, I have found a way to fix the problem.


Can you share your solution?


Sorry, I have deleted the project, but look at this:
This gives all the information. If you dont understand I will rebuild a project


i don’t get it sorry.
can you give an example of the YailList or code blocks

thanks in advance


YailList is just a normal list :slight_smile:


I have a problem. The app doesn´t show the markers. i also used MoveCamera method, and it works fine, so i don’t know where the problem is. When i use the GoogleMap component in thunkable, with the exact values, i have no problem.